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wml-tools has been resurrected and now lives on GitHub.

(wml-tools logo) wml-tools v0.0.4

This project hasn't been updated in two years and isn't likely to ever be worked on again. Feel free to use the code as per the license but there will be no more work done on it by me.

Version 0.0.4 is now avaiable. There's nothing new at the moment as I've been too busy at work, but I have fixed an important bug that was preventing compilation of wmlc and wmlhtml under systems with newer versions of libxml.

What is it?

wml-tools is a suite of small programs designed to help in the construction of WAP WML decks. The suite currently comprises :

  • wmlc - a WML bytecode compiler
  • wmld - a WML bytecode decompiler
  • wmlv - a very simple text-based WML deck viewer
  • wbmp2xpm - a WBMP to XPM converter
  • wmlhtml - a simple WML deck to HTML converter
  • rdfwml - an RDF channel to WML deck converter

Current status

The overall project is still less than a week old, but each tool is at a different stage :

  • wmlc - can compile most WML decks so long as they don't contain script variables as these are not dealt with yet.
  • wmld - can decompile correctly every WML deck that I have at the moment. Can deal with string table references and script variables.
  • wmlv - understands the most basic tags only but can give a quick indication of how WML decks can look.
  • wbmp2xpm - can parse all WBMPs I have at the moment.
  • wmlhtml - generates HTML which gives a good representation of how WML decks will look. To become a CGI program which will also convert inline images to allow WML to be browsed from a normal web browser.
  • rdfwml - can handle the Slashdot headlines.


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