This is a repository of open source (but not necessarily free) software which has been ditched by it's original author, somehow fell of the net or vanished otherwise and is currently maintained by noone.

This software is here because someone liked it and didn't want it to disappear completely in the bit nirvana. Some others may have read or heard of it and searched for it, just noticing that all links to the original site are dangling and still want a copy of it. Perhaps someone even wants to adopt, maintain and further develope this software... For all of them: It's archived here.


Software Versions archived Author License Original site Source of local copy Last modification of source Creation of local copy Missing parts Forks
wml tools (non-webpage resources) 0.0.1, 0.0.3, 0.0.4 Thomas Neill <> open source, non-commercial use only The Internet WayBack Machine; version 0.0.4 also: Debian Archive 13/Oct/2002 18/Oct/2006 Logo, version 0.0.2 -
rowiki 1.02 Marc Rohlfing <> BSD-like Website: The Internet WayBack Machine; source code: (Offline, too, but have a look at the Google Cache) 5/Feb/2005 (Website) 18/Oct/2006 (Website), 24/Mar/2006 (Source Code) Any newer versions if there were some. TigerWiki (ZIP)
simsi (non-webpage resources) 2.06, 2.16 (website only) Marc Rohlfing <> BSD-like 2.16: The Internet WayBack Machine; 2.06:; button: thinkcage moblog 17/Mar/2005 (Website 2.16), 19/Apr/2004 (2.06) 18/Oct/2006 Source code of version 2.16, and any newer versions if there were some. WP-MailBlog (Wordpress Plugin)

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